Just like us humans take supplements, our pets can too! And unfortunately, like it is in the human industry, there are THOUSANDS of products on the market claiming that they are the BEST for your pet!

How do we truly know the product works? Are the 5-star reviews on the product real? Are they clients or veterinarians, i.e., are they reputable critics? Is there any research or science behind the ingredients in the product or the product specifically? These are all VERY important questions to be asking when looking at joint supplements. And it can be very overwhelming!!

First and foremost, we have to be able to determine if the information about a particular supplement product is advertising or is it true science. Pick any supplement product and see if they show on their website “research” or “publications” and if it is PEER REVIEWED. You don’t have to be a veterinarian to be able to view research! It should be out there for all to see! No secrets! You can even send the papers to your veterinarian for them to review if you want to be doubly sure.

In the world of nutrition and supplements, it is very tricky to determine what is a good product or not. Many manufacturers (yes, even in the human realm too!) will use choice vocabulary to make their product appear better than the average Joe. Using words like “organic”, “natural”, “human-grade”, “non-GMO”, “minimally processed” and so on are actually all ADVERTISING ploys to get you to buy the product! Yes, these products may be these things, but if they are making other products that do not have these words on them as well, chances are, there is cross contamination.

When determining a good supplement product for your pet, please make sure there is either:

1) a veterinarian (DVM) who developed the product;

2) there is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist somewhere on staff that reviews and tests the product;

3) third-party testing for quality. This is ESPECIALLY important for CBD and mushroom supplements!

Most companies that have either of these will also most likely have their research papers and third-party testing results publicly seen for review by all.

***Of course, if there is any confusion about a particular supplement product, PLEASE show it to your veterinarian FIRST before giving it to your pet!

BY THE WAY: this is the SAME exact advice I give for ALL pet foods out there too! Kibble, raw, gently-cooked, etc., etc., etc., — all should be evaluated with this same scrutiny!

Here at Super Pets, I will ALWAYS provide food, supplements, and other products that have sound research behind them and their ingredients. I want the best for my patients, and yes, they can be more expensive than the products you can buy at the pet store. But that is the price we must pay for quality products that WILL work for your pet and will leave no room for uncertainties!

Found a pet product you want to know more about? Send it to superpetsvetrehab@gmail.com and I can evaluate it for you!

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