Veterinary Integrative Medicine — also referred to as holistic, alternative, “Eastern” or complementary medicine— combines these practices with our standard, “Western”, conventional, science-based approach therapies. Integrative medicine veterinarians take a “whole-pet” approach and are evaluated on the basis of their environment, pain level, disease, lifestyle combined with the results of diagnostics including bloodwork, urine testing, and advanced imaging (radiographs, ultrasounds, CT’s, MRI’s, etc.). Most therapies are minimally-invasive and gentle.

Veterinary integrative medicine is best for patients with complex conditions and diseases, patients that are not great surgical candidates, senior/geriatric patients, and even athletes! Some of these conditions include osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, food and environmental allergies, obesity and weight management, neurologic conditions, post-operative care, and maintaining and overall great well-being and ensure longevity of your pet.

Therapies that are under the umbrella of “integrative veterinary medicine” include acupuncture, rehabilitation/sports medicine, nutrition, western and eastern herbal medicine, aromatherapy, chiropractic care/spinal manipulation, essential oils, photobiomodulation/cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and so on.

Dr. Richie of Super Pets will work closely with your primary care or specialist veterinarian to ensure that your pet is getting the gold-standard of care. We will look at all aspects of your pets health and formulate a unique treatment plan. As all of us humans are individuals and respond differently to different therapies, so do our pets!

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