Have you or a loved one have knee surgery? Hip Surgery? Been paralyzed due to a spinal or nerve injury? You probably had a physical therapist during your weeks of recovery to make sure you could walk and be independent again. Veterinary rehabilitation is the application of rehabilitation medicine as it is adapted to our companion animal species such as dogs, cats, horses, and even exotic pets. Those veterinarians, including Dr. Richie of Super Pets, undertook additional training and certification courses outside of veterinary school to specialize in this relatively new and emerging field of veterinary medicine.

We take a lot of definitions and terms from the human-side of physical therapy. This practice of medicine focuses on the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical function throughout the life span. Care is given to those patients who have or may develop impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions related to conditions of the musckeloskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and/or pulmonary organ systems. It can also be used for circumstances in which movement and function are reduced by aging, injury, pain, diseases, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors.

Human physical therapists, also called physiotherapists, provide a functional assessment to identify pain or loss of function caused by a physical injury, disorder, or disability and develop a treatment plan to reduce the pain, improve movement quality, address patient needs, and restore normal muscular control, for an overall improvement in motor performance and function.

Think of Super Pets and other “rehab” veterinarians as your pet’s physical therapist!

Have you noticed a decrease in energy, stiffness or pain in your pet lately? Does your pet pace the house or can’t get comfortable? Do they constantly shift keeping you up at night? Did your primary veterinarian recently diagnosis your pet with “arthritis” or consider them “geriatric” now? Let us know and we will be able to provide the best recommendations going forward with your pet and their care!

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